Weekly Touchpoints

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It’s our desire for our followers to stay connected throughout the week. To accomplish this, we have created three TouchPoints that are aimed to provide daily encouragement, and expand on the message from Sunday. We encourage all of our followers to take the opportunity to participate and stay connected throughout the week.

Pastoral Message Broadcast
Start your Tuesday off with a brief message from Pastor Rod. He will be sharing moments of insight and encouragement that will encourage you throughout the day. To opt in, simply text FOMCC to 292929. To opt out, simply text STOP to the same number.

Beyond Sundays’ Message
Every Wednesday night at 7:30PM, Ed and Glenda Carter will be hosting Beyond Sundays’ Message at their home. Join us as we fellowship and dive deeper into the previous Sundays’ message and expand on the gospel. E-Mail FOMCC for more information.

Devotional E-Mail
To receive the Devotional E-Mail every Friday, simply enter your e-mail address into the “Mail Chimp” subscription box located at then bottom of every page on our website. You can unsubscribe at any time.